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Met Tathione...Unveil Your Glowing Skin

Met Tathione
The only TRUSTED BRAND of Glutathione by Celebrities


Made from Premium-Grade Reduced Glutathione

Each reduced glutathione capsule is packed with the patented new ingredient Algatrium. This combination helps decrease free radicals and boost production of glutathione and other antioxidants in the body.

New FDA Registration No. 110765

Manufactured in Japan


60 soft gel capsules
Reduced Glutathione 200mg
Algatrium 100mg
Vitamin E 15mg
Olive Oil 160.9mg
Fish Gelatin 137.3mg
Other ingredients 96.8mg
Total 710mg

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Here's everything you need to know about the "New, Enhanced MET Tathione".

MET is the pioneering brand of glutathione whitening supplement in the Philippines. MET is very safe and has no side effects, and is completely sourced and manufactured in Japan under stringent quality control. Its main ingredient is Glutathione, a protein composed of three amino acids: 

-cystine, glutamic acid, and glycine. It is known as the “master anti-oxidant” and is used to prevent oxidative stress in cells. Glutathione is also a very effective skin whitening agent that works by impeding the body's melanin production, the substance that gives the skin its color or pigmentation.

The new improved MET now contains a new patented ingredient from France called Algatrium, to make Met (glutathione) more effective than the previous formulation. Algatrium like Glutathione, is also an anti-oxidant that reduces melanin production to avoid age spots. It also helps generates Glutathione which impedes melanin creation process, and promotes whitening.

That means MET now has two potent ingredients working in synergy, giving you a more effective skin whitening product!

MET Tathione How quick you'll get results is a case to case basis and depends on factors like absorption, and consistency of use. Majority of MET users experience noticeable improvement after about 4-12 weeks of regular use.

The recommended dose is two capsules daily, to be taken after breakfast. It is also advisable to take Vitamin C (500mg) together with MET Tathione Glutathione capsules, to improve absorption.

Suggested intake according to the individual's skin tone:

* medium to brown skin: 3-6 months
* dark brown skin: 6-13 months
* very dark skin: 12-24 months
* black skin: 24 months

Price: Php 2695/bottle of 60s 
Available at retail and wholesale

For order you can email 
Contact: +63916.287.90.91

Why is Glutathione important for a healthy liver?

Everyday, chemicals in the form of pesticides, household cleaners, and cosmetic and personal care products, to name a few, find their way into our bodies and must be neutralized by the liver.

Efficient liver function is therefore extremely important to eliminate toxins from both inside and outside the body, including alcohol - the single most toxic substance to liver cells.

To keep the liver healthy, it requires a constant supply of antioxidant nutrients.

One such antioxidant is glutathione.

Acknowledged as the body's "master antioxidant," glutathione strengthens the immune system, delays ageing, boosts sexual potency, prevents skin allergies and stress-related diseases... plus, decreases the production of melanin to whiten skin. It is found in high concentrations in the liver, where it binds to heavy metals such as mercury and lead, as well as metabolic wastes, and transforms them into a form that can be easily flushed out of the body.

Unfortunately, environmental pollution causes the depletion of glutathione, and it could lead to cell death, accelerated ageing, as well as a range of degenerative disorders like cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.

It is therefore wise in this modern age of toxic living to constantly replenish our antioxidant defenses and help our liver perform its task to perfection.

The body's most potent antioxidant and detoxifier, glutathione:

- plays a central role in protecting the body's cells and tissues by destroying reactive oxygen molecules and free radicals that can damage the DNA and RNA.

- activates the natural killer cells of our immune function to strengthen our bodies against disease.

Glutathione is so important to our health that lack of it can lead to cell death, accelerated ageing, as well as a range of degenerative disorders like cirrhosis of the liver, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.

It is therefore wise in this age of toxic living to be constantly aware of our glutathione requirements and replenish this vital antioxidant daily.

Fortunately, there is MET TATHIONE which provides glutathione in its reduced form for greater absorbability and activity.

Detoxifiers in the body, but it must be in the reduced form to work properly.The unreduced form is much cheaper and isn't? metabolically active." (

Price: Php 2695/bottle of 60s 
Available at retail and wholesale

For order you can email 
Contact: +63916.287.90.91

 If you are looking for a supplement that can truly whiten your skin all over, look for the brand that is trusted by many — MET TATHIONE. It works from the inside out, giving you evenly toned, radiantly whiter skin in as little as two weeks. Aside from giving you smoother, evenly toned whiter skin, MET also helps strengthen the immune system, removes toxins from the liver, boosts sexual potency, and protects the body from free radical damage.

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